Wednesday, December 7, 2011


In December and January, we'll be touring the Eastern United States with Coke Bust and D.O.C. - You can find the dates and all other useful information here:

Prior to that, amos is playing drums in Chinese Telephones for a weekend in Canada and the Midwestern US. Here are the dates:

DEC.  15 - Mac's - Lansing, MI - w/ Frank and Earnest, Quicknote
DEC. 16 - Magpie - 831 Dundas St. W - Toronto, ON, Canada - w/ Steve Adamyk Band, !Attention!
DEC. 17 - Dominion Tavern - Ottowa, Canada - w/ Steve Adamyk Band, Party Knives
DEC. 18 - The DAAC - 115 S. Division - Grand Rapids, MI - w/ Max Levine Ensemble, High Dive, Radiatior Hospital

And finally, the last week in January, amos'll be on the road playing drums for the Paul Collins Beat. here are the dates:

JAN. 26 - The Frequency - Madison, WI - w/ Jaill + The Sugar Stems
JAN. 27 - Linneman's Riverwest Inn - Milwaukee, WI - w/ The Sugar Stems, The Sleepovers
JAN. 28 - Amsterdam - Saint Paul, MN - w/ The Magnolias, Crossing Guards
JAN. 29 - Mill Creek - Appleton, WI - w/ Fun With Atoms
FEB. 1 - Small's - Detroit, MI
FEB. 2 - Louie's Trophy House - Kalamazoo, MI - w/ Legendary Wings, Jake Simmons and the Little Ghosts
FEB. 3 - Ultra Lounge - Chicago, IL - w/ Eric and the Happy Thoughts, The Half Rats, The Sleepovers
FEB. 4 - Bishop's - Bloomington, IN - w/ Eric and the Happy Thoughts
FEB. 5 - Black Sparrow - LaFayette, IN - w/ Eric and the Happy Thoughts

NAPALM DREAM was recently repressed on vinyl, and you can get it from Mandible Records
THE BLIND WINK was recently released on cassette through Dead Broke Records and will be available very soon on vinyl through Cowabunga Records
the "TAKING EVERYTHING b/w DAYLIGHT WORLD" single is available now from Toxic Pop Records

You can stream these as well as all of our past records here

Friday, June 24, 2011


OUT NOW - available on LP from Mandible Records and on CD from Hang Up Records

1. Stupid Werld
2. Simple Things (Can Seem So Involved)
3. Earwig
4. Dreaming Out Loud
5. Spit in the Wind
6. When Time Caught Up
7. City Bus #30
8. Rock Eating People
9. Blammo
10. Running Into Mirrors
11. Skyscraper
12. Death in the Family
13. Schadenfreude

"THE BLIND WINK" LP - Collection of Home Recordings
Available AUGUST 2011 through Cowabunga Records

1. Viscous
2. Dreaming Out Loud #2
3. Medical Curiosity
4. Senile
5. Unreal
6. Lost Love Star Lust
7. The Pleasure We Get (In Scratching an Itch)
8. Cage That Keeps You In
9. Hey, Soozie
10. Hard To Say
11. (Messy Endings) In Middle America

Available AUGUST 2011 through Toxic Pop Records
1. Taking Everything
2. Paper Airplanes
3. Daylight World

split singles with Cheeky and Culo are still on their way, too.

Sunday, February 13, 2011


amos will be playing drums for The Paul Collins Beat starting friday, here are the dates:

FEB. 18 - Milwaukee, WI - Club Garabaldi - w/ The Midwest Beat
FEB. 19 - Chicago, IL - The Subterranean - w/ The Half Rats
FEB. 20 - LaFayette, IN - Black Sparrow - w/ Eric and the Happy Thoughts
FEB. 21 - Bloomington, IN - The Bishop - w/ Charlie and the Skunks
FEB. 22 - Indianapolis, IN - The Vollrath w/ The Half Rats
FEB. 23 - Columbus, OH - The Summit - w/ ExWhites
FEB. 24 - Cleveland, OH - Now That's Class - w/ The Wooly Bullies
FEB. 25 - Detroit, MI - Lager House - w/ The Sights
FEB. 26 - Kalamazoo, MI - Louie's - w/ The Amoebas

TENEMENT's also recording for a split single with CULO this next week that will be due out this spring on Cowabunga Records, along with THE BLIND WINK LP.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

reveal every secret with a BLIND WINK

HEY, we're just a couple a hicks from's what we're up to in the next few weeks....
amos is playing drums for Tim Schweiger and the Middlemen at Madplanet in Milwaukee, WI - January 29th w/ The Magnolias....
amos is playing drums for The Paul Collins Beat at Slabtown Bender Festival in Portland, OR - February 4th ....
amos is playing drums for The Paul Collins Beat at Funhouse in Seattle, WA - February 5th w/ Head, The Tranzmitors, Girl Trouble....
amos is playing drums for Technicolor Teeth at BFG in Appleton, WI - February 12th w/ Uh-Oh......
eric is playing guitar for Bored Straight at The Borg Ward in Milwaukee, WI - February 12th....
jesse is delivering pizzas and wearing out his new Sam Rivers LP in perpetual loop...
TENEMENT: "THE BLIND WINK" cassette out now! with these melodic noise blasts:
for a copy, send 5 dollars (for tape+shipping) to: tenement, inc. - 1206 n lawe street - appleton, wi - 54911. Please be patient...they're sold out right now...but i'll have more very soon. This'll be pressed on vinyl before summertime by Cowabunga Records with more tracks....oh, i might have some copies of this while on the west coast. Never stop absorbing all those vague sounds + colors....